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I need some final .dp help! (Read 3638 times)
Dec 19th, 2011 at 3:06pm

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Hi there! Smiley

I took this .dp from somebody's loaded up Spitfire, copied from [gunstations] on down and then pasted it into the Me P.1110 Ente .dp I'm trying finish for upload. As the plane was still in the designing I did take a few liberties in regard to the loadouts. Mark Walsh has made a beautiful plane here and I just want to make it better for the CFS2 community! So,,please,,somebody give me a hand? Embarrassed Cry Embarrassed

I'm fairly sure I have the [gunstations] set up right except for harmonizing. I need the primary trigger for close-in dogfighting and it's a tad too close for this plane. The secondary trigger matches the first and I really want it for ground and ship strafing. One of the [gun.x] entries looks like it for a torpedo which I don't need.

[Gunstation] P.S.,,the ordinance weights might be off too!
                   P.S.S. Tracer % is problematic.

What's REALLY aggravating me is that nothing launches or drops in pairs. One of the loadouts is a salvo and seems to work fine, although even they don't fire in a symmetrical order-->(by pairs),,as they SHOULD! Certainly someone here has enough skills to set these probllems right. If it's a matter of credit. I would share credit with you as I've put many frustrating hours into this .dp already. Hell,,,send me all your Spit and Zero 2d Panels and I'll put moving sticks and throttles in them.

Thanks for reading this post and please contact me at

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Which sim Spit are you utilizing?
The default SpitX (CFS1 and CFS2) was the only one of the two Spits with guns, cannon, bombs and rockets available; the trigger key selections are near the beginning of each 'gunstations' string along with the numbers for the type of ordnance. The firing locations are best set in the individual gunstation (0, 1, 2, etc.) sections. However, you'd do better to utilize the Bf109G or other German plane for similar ordnance. Although the British delivered ample amounts of the projectiles to the Germans in either World War, they weren't keen on supplying them guns and unexpended ordnance.

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